What causes joint soreness?

This may sound like a stupid question, but aside from outright ligament tears, or cartilage breaks, what causes joints to be sore or stiff after a workout?

What part of the joint actually does the hurting? Where are the painful nerves? In ligaments? tendon attachments? cartilage? or something else?

Does cartilage even feel pain? If it has such a poor blood supply can it even have nerves?

Is stiffness or swelling just the joint filling with fluid or is there actually a lubrication issue?

Just curious if anyone actually has some good information.

I know anti inflammatory help, but what is actually inflaming?

Which leads to the real question, serious injury aside, what helps joint be "looser"?

Why my knees and joints hurt when I crawl out of bed in the morning but are fine after a workout (until later)?

Thanks in advance.

That is a great question. I think Howardo would be the best man to answer that given his specialty. I hope he sees this because enquiring minds want to know.


Great questions.

Try glucosamine and amino acids

glucosamine for joints and amino's for soreness.

damn man, that sucks...Im having the same problems too

yea man, its a fucking joke how that happens...I can't train anymore because I trained too hard and now all my joints and ligaments and tendons are damaged in some ways and my body can no longer repair itself...

I would advice you seeing a ART specialist...I tried acupuncture, chrio, chinese medicine, chi doctor, yoga, and nothing worked.

When did you start getting these pain? are you training really hard? also, did you train before and was fine or this is your first time training?

Because if you used to train and it was fine and now you train and it flares up...maybe something is wrong


ttt for more info

I am 18. Two of the doctors I saw told me that I could never train again. The current one I am seeing still does not know what is wrong with me after three visits and is referring me to a joint specialist.

Walking just by itself causes extreme pain. Sometimes I still try to force myself to go lift and train because Im just not the same person without it, I dont feel as alive or as confident without training. Training just makes everything in my life better.

But Im scared to push myself too hard because of the fear of permaneat injury, which contradicts the point of working out, pushing beyond your limits...

For me, and possibly for you, it may be because you gained muscle at a faster speed then your joints could adapt, and thus the joints are put under severe stress relative to your muscle.