What did Hughes have to do...

in order for BJ fans to give him his due? He finished him, end of story. Ribs or no ribs, BJ has shown on a few occasions that his cardio is not top notch; was this fight going to be different? Was he going to all of a sudden be "Mr. Cardio" and take it to Hughes in rounds 3,4,and 5? Cardio is probably 75% of fighting when it comes to competing at the level these guys are at. A great striker with awesome BJJ, terrific takedown defense, and bad cardio equals a good fighter, not a great fighter. I can run a 5 yard dash in .005 seconds, but my 100 yard dash is not under 10 seconds.

No more excuses. No more "if it was not for his ribs he would have won." No more "Penn separated his ribs on his own, without any damage inflicted by Hughes." The way these Penn fans talk you would think that I could dominate Matt Hughes.

I agree with everything bryguy said... except him running a 5 yard dash in .005 secs. I call bullshit.