What do u know about Jimmy Ambriz?

He's supposed to be huge and is apparrently fighting an up and coming Australian fighter soon. What style does he fight? what's his background?



I was supposed to fight him once and he was 3 lbs. over an hour before the weigh-ins.

So an hour later, he comes back with a cart, a donkey, an authentic Hungarian peasant on his back - and with a barrel of whiskey under his chin, St. Bernard-style. He steps on the scale and is fifteen pounds under.

I gaped, "How did you do that, Jimmy?"

He winked at me, and then I noticed he had hooves for feet.

Adam from Conn, Hard-Hittin' Pollack

Pretty agile for such a true freak. Only loss is to Barnett by submission to strikes.

corran email me please re June 5



he's my buddy so don't expect inside info, but he's freakishly strong, he likes to hit people, he's not scared of a damn thing, and he moves like a person half his weight. Have fun!

"moves like a person half his weight"

He didn't exactly look like Rumina SATO v WATERMAN in Pancrase ;)


He is a big man.

ttt, thanks guys

I heard he makes a mean pecan pie.

He is fighting THE HULK Soa Palalei - the KO KING of Australian MMA!

May 20, Melbourne Convention Centre.

Jimmy taught me how to love a young boy...er.. something

Jimmy Amrbiz has never beaten anyone that anyone has ever heard of except for Dan Bobish. Some of Jimmy's big wins:

Johnathan Ivey (who sports a shocking 16-28 record)

Rick Colup (who's 0-5-0)

Jerry Vrbanovic (5-4-1)

and four other guys.

Jimmy is a good super HW, but has yet to fight anyone who'll test his abilities. It's hard to get fights when you're 6'0 and 300+pds.

I wrestled with him in College at a JC. VERY strong, very cool and extremely athletic/agile for his size. A very deceptive dude that knows how to crush people with his weight. Was a two sport athlete at the JC but the thing was it was during the same season. Wrestled while playing Football (JC in CA is during first season). Was our HWT but he did not practice much. Still kicked alot of dudes asses though.

One REALLY long night of KFC and weightlifting.

KFC! The dirty bird strikes again!

Nope Rancho Santiago and I do not believe he placed at State but he was close...maybe 6th. As a Freshmen and literrally less than 2 combined weeks of practice spread over 4 months.

Jimmy Ambriz is the kind of man you can drop off naked in the frozen tundra of Alaska,and when you get home you'll find him sitting in your house with a tan sporting a handful of Mexican pesos.

he has funky hair dos

he's huge, and that's about it. Basically a white Bob Sapp

from what I know he has pretty decent wrestling skills and unreal strength.