What do you do with Max Holloway?

He had an amazing performance last card. Do you have him wait to fight Alex/T-city winner or put him against Zabit for number one contender?

Alex vs T-city is set for March

remember this?

Conor McGregor has reacted on Twitter to Max Holloway's bold mid-fight claim of "I'm the best boxer in the UFC!"

During his dominant decision win over tough Calvin Kattar on Saturday, Holloway spoke to the commentary team and - during a dazzling sequence in the final round - dropped his fists, dodged a flurry of punches and proclaimed his boxing supremacy.

The clip of Holloway's skills and statement was soon all over Twitter. And McGregor, widely viewed as one of the greatest strikers in UFC history, shared it with a simple message: "Lol".

I think Max is in need of a big fight. Maybe Conor, maybe someone else at 155…it just feels weird to be a former champ, lose a very controversial decision for the belt, look better than ever in your next fight, then headline an ESPN+ card against Zabit to maybe earn another title shot against the guy most people think you beat.

It feels like they should do something like Conor, Nate Diaz or something like that.

Hard to think of a worse match up for Zabit. 

Max waits for the winner of Ortega/Volk. 

I predict it will be Ortega/Max this summer. 

It will probably be a little closer than their first meeting, but I feel Max gets his title back. 

Max v Khabib

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Precise_Improvement -

Hard to think of a worse match up for Zabit. 

I don't think Zabit would want that fight. He said he planned to sit out until he has a title shot. 

Max vs Kevin Lee

Max Vs oliveira rematch would be awesome. Not sure it makes sense, but it would be awesome. 

Max vs Jose Aldo 3


Max vs Jose Aldo 3


Why do you hate aldo ? 


Max vs Jose Aldo 3

Sure.  While you are at it let's do Max versus Kattar II.


I don’t know. But the volk fights were boring )and imo volk won both) but they were hard to watch so I dread it becoming a trilogy.

If volk loses the belt then max should maybe get a shot but if volk wins then I hope volk goes 155 so I’m spared a 3rd boring controversial decision.

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