What do you like more Gi or No-Gi?

What's up,

I just want to do a simple poll? I know many topics have been discussed on what is better gi or no-gi, or does the gi help no-gi. This isn't meant to be one of those topics. Just give me one answer. Either answer Gi or answer No-Gi.

Please try not to add any comments.

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{{{sigh}}} ....Gi


No-gi. Even though to have proper technique you need to work with the gi first, for people learning self defense or MMA I think no-gi makes more since.



so much for no comments. :-)

so far it's

gi - 3
no-gi - 3 (goku I'll take your naked no-gi as No-Gi)

gi - 3

no-gi - 4

I like both of them. No GI is awesome due to the different submissions that arrive.

Just put Jacare and Terre in every match.

Nogi, Hands down.

I'm double dipping... GI!!!!!!!!!

no double dipping :-) I also understand people like both, but which one do you lean towards most even if it's just a little for me i'm leaning more toward:




no gi


no gi. I could care less what they wore in another country 100 years ago

Co-ed naked grappling. Every guy should work with 2 -3 girls.