What do you think makes a fighter a draw?

I think I’ve figured out the formula but I’ll let others gives their opinions first.

Wild flailing punches and a big mouth appeal to the American meathead market.

I want to say its pretty damn random but there is a psychological formula to it Im sure. It might sound crazy but how you look plays a big part and how you act.

There is a limit that certain fighters have reached like Izzy.

Then there are fighters like Conor and Ronda who went showed no limits

I ADHD’d out halfway through what I was trying to say

Talking absolute shit and winning fights seems to be the easiest path these days.
How many quiet/humble dudes are drawing big numbers these days, serious question?

I’ll tell you the formula.

Look at WWE. They’re already doing the formula but it’s easy for them because they hire paid actors. Every fighter has a shtick or gimmick. Their mic skills and look help them sell their gimmick. In the UFC obviously their fighting style and finishes are a big addition to the formula.

Let’s look at some recent draws in the UFC.

Conor - The trash talking gaudy Irishman Instagram showoff
Khabib - The Russian Bear wrestler
Israel - The nu male gay boy (think Gold Dust in the WWE)
O’Malley - The zoomer face tatted clown boy
Masdival - The Scarface wannabe
Khamzat - The hairlipped kill everybody bond villain.
Tai Tuivasa - The fun fat boy who drinks beer out of a shoe
Bryce Mitchel - The crazy religious zealot flat earther (okay Bryce doesn’t look that good but they tried to give him the push).
Alex Pereirra - The silent stone cold killer type like Sagat.
Even this new 18 year old fuck face jungle kid who fought last weekend, don’t remember his name, he’s getting the push because he’s memorable and looks like some jungle creature like Blanka from Street Fighter.

You can also look at Street Fighter which follows the WWE model where each character has a gimmick.

This is what makes a draw.

The 10 Worst Street Fighter Characters of All Time - Paste

Everything is pro wrestling.
Wwe Raw GIF

Doing an equal amount of damage as their opponent.