What ever happened to?

Anyone know why we haven't heard from Vladdy Matyushenko in nearly 2 years? After his loss to Arlovski he just dissapeared. His fight before that he beat Rogerio Nogueria "Minotoro" and would still be top 10 at light heavy in my opinion.

Another fighter who just dissapeared is Edwin Dewees, he was fighting an average of 8 times a year before his UFC loss. He was a good young fighter who could have done well cutting to 185.

What about Phillip Miller, the guy was 16-0 and fought against pretty good competition. After his falling out w/ the UFC, he just dissapeared.

Joe Slick, his last few fights were losses, but he was a solid B level fighter.

Does anyone know what happened to these fighters?
What are your thoughts on them as fighters?

Matyushenko is a top fighter. Or was, anyway, before he stopped fighting. He actually had two fights between the ones against Rogerio and Arlovski, which were wins over Wiuff (who has been on FIRE ever since) and Rizzo. Vladdy was also an exciting fighter. I remember him going to HW because apparently Zuffa didn't feel the need for another top LHW. Now they're struggling for LHW's. Why not bring Vladdy back?

No idea about Dewees. I only saw him in his UFC fight, but it does seem weird that he was so active and then just disappeared.

Miller was scheduled to fight Dustin Denes at least twice in AFC after his stint in the UFC, and pulled out every time. Haven't heard of him since.

For some reason, I seem to recall something about Slick having a child now. He doesn't train and he's up to like 250 lbs or something. I could be mistaken.

vlad beat little nog nicely in ufo. looked a bit like fedor vs big nog 3


bummer if vladdy retired

edwin is trying to become a cop, had problems with his trainer, was looking for a live in gym out of state..i think he will be back,tried to comeback, got hurt.. he still reads this so im sure hell see it..

I thought people would have more to say, especially about Vladamir, with only 4 light heavys of note in the UFC Vlad as well as Babalu would be great to bring back. But Vlad hasn't fought in nearly 2 years, what's up with that? Is he still with RAW? There is pleanty of small money work in smaller shows, and he could find fights if he was looking ie. Sherk. Why haven't we seen him?

"Vladdy was also an exciting fighter. I remember him going to HW because apparently Zuffa didn't feel the need for another top LHW. Now they're struggling for LHW's. Why not bring Vladdy back?"

He didn't "go" to HW. Vlad was a HW fighter to begin with. He wasn't considered a HW contender at the time, so he jumped at the UFC's offer to cut down to LHW to fight Tito after Belfort had to pull out with a broken hand.

Vladdy said that he didn't feel comfortable at that weight, and that he felt much weaker. It was evident in his showing against Tito. He looked very flat.

Plus, he took the fight on very short notice, with little time to train @ 205.

Vladdy's heavyweight fighting weight was 215, he was a world class wrestler, and should have been used to cutting weight. A 10 pound cut should have been nothing for him.

Wasn't his fight with Tito before the 205 class when it was 200 and under?

UFC assassinates all of their failed fighters. You just wait, Tiki will go next.

UFC 33....I believe LHW was 205. When it was considered MW, it was 200. Wasn't his fight against Tanner his first after the reallignment? Or was it Elvis? Shit, I can't remember.....

And actually, now that I think about it, didn't Vladdy fight Kondo at 205?

I think I remember him saying after the Kondo fight that he didn't feel comfortable at 205, so he gained the weight back..... and then cut it again when they offered him Belfort's spot against Tito.

"You just wait, Tiki will go next."

Well, it 0-4 in UFC they may have a case for Tiki.

Vladdy was scheduled to fight Randleman at 205 in UFC 33. He was bumped to the main event when Vitor got injured.

Yeah, they do. And for whatever reason, LHW is extremely shallow in terms of talent (not just in the UFC, but in the whole sport). Zuffa needs both Vladdy and Babalu, IMO.

And yeah, Vladdy/Kondo sucked. Not sure why Vladdy fought so timidly in that one. Nice front kick, though. Any fight with Rizzo vs. a wrestler is usually boring (the first Rizzo/Couture fight being an exception).