What exercises will help my kimura/Americana?

What do the experts say? Thanks!

Rep it out more. You do it right and you don't need a lot of strength.

I find that jerking it really hard helps. So... the exercise would be, jerking it really hard.

Chadderz - Rep it out more. You do it right and you don't need a lot of strength.

I would of course love to have technique over all. However, when I was a gym rat, I used to be able to just do those at will on people. Thanks!

I think you're headed in the wrong direction, no offense meant. The experts don't often talk in this way, so you're not likely to find the answer you think you want. You need to work on the move, that's how you get better at the move. To become a better kicker you kick. To get a better jump shot, you shoot. Do 100 reps each day. Will probably take you 15 minutes, tops. No amount of other exercising in that same amount of time will give you better results. If you thought your move was good as a mat rat, you'll love what it becomes as a mat rat.

A few points:


1. the americana and the kimura use different actions, thus different muscle groups.

2. the kimura has a lot of different setups, thus different muscle groups are used.

3. They aren't strength moves, they are leverage moves, thus technique is always more effective than strength.

4. Using more strength leads to more opponent injuries, thus a dick move in the gym.

5. The only thing that strength will help with is to get the position and keep it for the setup.


Now if we're talking defending the americana and kimura, strength helps quite a bit. All you have to do is straighten your arm or get a grip on your own body parts, like knee pit, to keep your opponent from getting the leverage. Flexibility helps in defense as well.


Exercise your core to help you keep the position. Also your grip, so once you have wrist control you keep it.


For the americana, controlling the hips and shoulders is the best setup, imo. The standard beginner's way from side mount. This is my go-to move and setup in BJJ tournaments. Takedown > pass to side > control the hips and defend retaking guard > isolate an arm > control the shoulders > americana.


Best advice, practice the shit out of your setups and technique on live opponents. Focus on your legs, grip, and core to help get the position.

Lol I'd hate to be the poor sumbitch that's getting cranked on by the noob who thinks you need to be 'strong' to hit a double wrist lock.

if you're just trying to power people into it, work on your grip strength....

Also, I hope you get stretched the fuck out, you fucking jabroni.

getting stronger always helps, but you're not gonna muscle a sloppy americana or kimura onto anyone who has any skills. Better to focus on your positional control and the technique of isolating the arm in order to create the opportunity for those armlocks.