What happened to mmaweeklyradio

I keep getting error messages when I try to listen

I"m having the same problem with the daily news.

If you guys with the dailey news prob have it bookmark try typing it in. My bro was having the same problem and that worked for him.

May need some help gettin in today

i often cant get it at all. i m about 2 try

Damn. Can't get in. Tried deleting cookies......no new news, no radio program for 3rd day in a row

There was a recent change to our server, but all is working fine right now with the live radio broadcast. There may be a problem with bookmarks as earlier noted. You may need to type into browser and update favorites.

Ok, I've tried and tired and nothing works. Now this week when I click on the daily radio program, it routes me right back to the front page. I give up!!!

URL for the radio station


MMAWeekly, Hire ME to fix your site!!!

TSLeeMMAPerc, thanks alot man. It finally works.

your welcome :)