what happened to NOG?

what is the take on the "NOG" fight? a very quick end. lucky punch or is "NOG" not as tough as sold? IMO the upset of the night.

got punched in the face

Nog got pwn3d...nuff said...

Not lucky just hit the right spot.  Nog would probably win 9 out of 10...Fluke is a better term.

he was top 5 with his only losses coming in to that fight were against  Vladimir Matyushenko and Mauricio Rua


With wins over.

Alistair Overeem2X

Dan Henderson

Kazuhiro Nakamura2X

Kazushi Sakuraba

Guy Mezger

Tsuyoshi Kohsaka

Alex Stiebling

Mezger fight was a BS decision...

lol@saying overrated after a fluke loss

he's fought some tough guys

no one puts rogerio on the same level as his brother