What happened to Razor Rob being on the Sex Rehab

TV Show? I had the popcorn ready, Jack and coke in hand...but no Razor? I thought he was ready to follow in Ricco's illustrious footsteps and allow Dr. Drew to show him the light of a good, pure, clean life (except for the part with the pornstar wife)??? I remember Tracy Lee covering a going away party for Razor...what happened?

ttt anyone?

theres a sex rehab show?

  • The Pav came on here shortly after annoucing it, saying he wasn't going to be on it.

 the 1st step in rehab is admitting you have a problem, the 2nd is deciding you want to stop. clearly he got to one of those steps and said hell no

PatrickFreitas - theres a sex rehab show?

Yes on VH1, I watched one of the episodes just to see Rob and he wasn't on it.


They had a fahking going away party for him to be on that show...

Stuff happened

Thanks for the insight Pav...look forward to another awesome MMAJunkie article reading about what you cooked Story and Pierce in your Phil Baroni training camp series!

the show makes no fuckin sense

the cure for too much sex.. IS MORE SEX


KenP - Stuff happened

They showed Razor Rob at the beggining on the show, like when they were explaining what sex addiciton is, so I thought he was going to be on it, even though I remember you saying he cancelled.  That was wierd.

Dr. Drew did say that "guys" were extremely hard to get on the show.  He said they all feared reprecussions, the example he gave was like, "a girl gets a std, then see's a guy she had sex with on TV (sex rehab) then tries to sue them".  I sure hope this wasn't the case w/ Rob!

I really wanted to see Rob on that show, I just caught both episodes last night and they only have 3 dudes on there,  Rob could have been the star!


He pulled out. giggity, giggity

Well he got married to a porn star in the middle of taping so that may have been a problem.

 ^ i wonder if thats called a relapse

*ba dum ching!"

you can sue for getting the clap? 

Ken, "stuff happened" isn't going to cut it as a reason. This isn't a big fight rumor, its some mid-tier t.v. show on VH1. I think you can spill the beans on what happend?


 ttt for answers

 swine flu

They showed him at the beggining for a split sec.  Was this from his 'going away' party?