What happened to the grappling thr

Grappling thread Scott? Trolls?

LOL. Maybe. Someone with admin rights must have deleted the thread. Whatever. That's only the aroma, not the meal.

Please feel free to come over to www.rmaxi.com/forum

Anyway, I just ordered the Sambo Seminar DVD and im looking forward to it. Hopefully I can add stuff to my beginner's bjj game. Really looking forward to your take on escapes.

Awesome. Let me know your feedback.

My Sambo isn't so much Sambo though, but more Sambo for incorporating Sambo into fighting other martial artists. And the MMA Leg Attacks DVD isn't so much about sweeps (that's a future course), but rather about adding in a new 'position' into your groundfighting arsenal. Most fighters neglect this position, and as a result, leg locks are lower-percentage than arm and neck attacks. But just like being able to secure top half positions enables submissions out from shoulders/neck-out, securing bottom half position(s) enables subs from the hips-out.

So i finally thoroughly watched the dvd. Great stuff. Some interesting stuff to when facing the guard, which i thought was awesome, and am looking forward to try in BJJ class, some nice drills in there that i can add to my solo grappling routine. Personally I think this one of your best dvds, I've purchased a lot of your products ive never really been dissapointed, but there were always things in each I thought could have been done differently, better, augmented whatever, but recent products, i.e. flow-fit and this sambo dvd, just great teaching IMO

Thanks for the great review! Let me know how it goes in BJJ! BJJ and Sambo are like two wheels of the same cart.