What happened to Tony Ferguson?

Florian was talking about how Eddie Mendez trains with him.

And that got me thinking...

Where the hell has he been?

He started out hot at 3-0 in the UFC, but hasn't fought since losing to Michael Johnson over a year ago.

Did he get injured?

Where yo kid at?

Fack, I forgot about him too, hasn't fought in over a year.

Isn't he supposed to fight soon? Phone Post

He was recently on Eddie Bravo's podcast, but I cant remember when he said he would fight again. He did say he was training at 10th Planet in costa mesa Phone Post

ShanTheMan - Where yo kid at?

Lol Phone Post

He was injured. This thread was made a while back and haven't heard anything in a while.

Big tony fan. Phone Post

ShanTheMan - Where yo kid at?
This Phone Post 3.0