what i liked about the pride show

I like:
1 they showed all he fights.2 all the fights were intertaining. 3. I knew who most of the fighters were except for the guy that killed little nog. 4. No ufc propiganda every ten minutes.

lol...and one after the other, no downtime

Very cool

It was nice to check out the fight card online, knowing that you'll see all of them.

ttt Some of the ufc's best fight are not aired. because they are on the under card



Ohh and no super gay remarks form joe rogan. ala Blowing your ghad, he has a budunkadunk,

No xyience or mickeys sponsored scoreboards. No b-list celebs whoring the cam.

propiganda?? intertaining???
ive never been an advocate for spelling but jesus christ, this is just

I enjoyed this pride because i was able to see all the fights and it had a
nice fast pace to it.

Agreed with showing all the fights, them being AWESOME fights, name recognition, no downtime, fighter intro montages, etc. Even commentating was great too!

"No xyience or mickeys sponsored scoreboards"

Well, Trigg did plug Rockstar at least three (but I'm pretty sure four) times throughout the broadcast. That was kinda lame

"No b-list celebs whoring the cam."

Did you not see the US National Anthem? Almost half of it was spent watching Nic Cage/Chuck Norris/Harrison Ford stare. Maybe they're not b-list but they're still being whored, and at such a terrible time to do it too :(

LOL box office gross is not the point. They were obviously placed there, Cage for Ghost Rider and Ford for upcoming Indiana Jones. Them being there doesn't make it any better of a show, MUCH worse actually when they're shown before/during/after every fight IMO

"Ohh and no super gay remarks form joe rogan"

You can't be serious. How can you complain about Rogan when talking about a show that featured so much Jerry 'Back Door Boy' Millen camera time?


airing the whole fight card was great