What if Boetsch wins?

I've watched probably 20 of "Bob and Brad's" videos.  As a physical therapist myself I've found them always wanting.

I did not bother to watch this one.  Generally these two error on the side of too cautious.

On a personal basis I hate these guys because they are old and still "Physical Therapists".  Physical therapy is a career for weak minded "givers".  People pay enormous tuition to get a doctorate in a degree that requires no more than 5 years of college freshman to fifth year graduate.  Their solution to the changes in insurance over the last 30 years has been, "Oh well, let them reject our claims.  We will just see twice as many patients," when they should hire medical billers who would doggedly pursue their claims.

They let doctors walk all over them because they don't want to scare off their precious source of referrals.

PTs are cultish.  They bellieve therapy works for everything with no notion that PT became a career as the result of people needing the service AFTER surgery to restore function.

Lastly, most therapists ruin their bodies doing joint mobilizations in which the goal could more evvectively be achieved through exercise.  In short, they are overworked and underpaid by their own overly accomadating personalities.  85% of all PTs leave the field in 5 years or less when they realize they are the door mat of medicine.  Most are intelligent, ultra fit women who marry doctors and lawyers and quit after the first baby comes.  Men usually go into business doing something else with friends.  I know one PT went into business with a patient of his in construction.

I should cut these guys some slack because they are technically owners-operators, so they do make real money and can control how hard they work.  Except every owner I know also has another bread winner for their business.  Like one guy trains triathletes private pay.  One is a cycling expert who analyzes cyclist's body mechanics and adjust their bikes and body mechanics to improve performance.  A third I know actually got hired as a hospital system executive at the tippy top because he did such a good job of demonstrating to the board year after year why his PT department should not have any budget cuts.

But these two boobs just make it seem like being a PT is just dandy.  It's not.

Edit: I say I am a physical therapist, but I do not practice anyore.  Sometimes I offer advice here or out in the world if I'm asked, but even then I find people ask for advice wanting the answer they have in mind and never really pay heed to reality and truth.

Than Boetsch is that good. Beating Lombard will be no easy task. If Boetsch can do it, than he's the real deal and a real contender at 185.

Boetsch is a beast. 1 more win after Lombard give him a title shot. Phone Post

He moves to 16-4.