What if MMA.tv became......

the place where all the fighters enjoyed coming to discuss this sport we all love???

Maybe they wouldn't come all at once, but one every once in awhile, till "you're" favorite fighter came?

If that could happen, then MMA, I think, would really be on it's way to becoming more complete, you know, like fighters & fans being able to share info & useful communication......


ttt for less interaction

They come but dont stay long. Bas was funny as hell to.

Fighters ran off the forum...

Bas Rutten

Jens Pulver

Tito Ortiz

And a bunch of others I'm to drunk to remember.

I see Jens post almost every time his name comes up.

I haven't seen the Futa1 name much after his fight with Couture.

and tonight Frank Trigg, Mr. Twinkletoes himself posted here!!!

Much thanks to his queen for convincing him to get his toes wet....!!!  Thank you Mrs. Trigg. :)

maybe if all the keyboard warriors stop talkin crap they would come back

no.......... his mom won't let him, stupid woman.........



demoness, he doesn't have a computer, anymore, the one he used to have, he let someone borrow because theirs broke, when they moved, they forgot to leave it..............

If I wasn't helping him with his supplements, I would help him get one, but vitamins & joint supplements are alittle bit more important.......... We do what we can & so does he.


*sighs louder*

I like when Mario Sperry posted here a few times. It was nice to get his insight.

I don't blame the pros for not posting here more often. This place is a TIME THIEF =^)