Arguably the two most powerful wrestlers at LW. This fight would probably never happen, but any opinions on how it would unfold?

I would say a decision would be a lock with these two.

I really see Sherk ending up in top position and Ishida staying stuck under him.

Sandy in black makes the baby smac1 cry.

I think Ishida is too small for the new breed of 155ers to be honest, and Sherk might actually have better hands... but if he wanted to strike he might end up on his back... did you guys see how fast Ishida moves?

I don't know who would win, but I do know I'd pay to watch it. I would hope Sherk wins, but Ishida looked very good in his last fight.

Nick Diaz stopped just about every one of Sherk's takedowns. I suspect there's a few guys at 155 that might outwrestle Sherk. I suspect Ishida would be one of them.


great fight, but i agree that ishida is too small.

He didn't look small against Gilbert and Gilbert is as big as anybody, near as I can figure.


Love Ishida but gotta go with Sherk

In a ring I go with Ishida, where his quickness would be a very important factor

Ishida's performance against melendez really makes gomi look like a beast

"Ishida's performance against melendez really makes gomi look like a beast"

Ishida also beat Aurelio prior to Ishida/Gomi.

Sherk by big

"Ishida is super fun to watch."

Then Sherk must really light your fire...

Ishida is great but he is small lightweight. Sherk will win by GnP. The fight will look a lot like Hughes vs. Sherk with Sherk actually being the dominator.