What if...?

What if Fedor fights Randy and wins but then loses to Tim Sylvia?

Then you would have:

Nog who's lost to Fedor twice.

Tim who's lost to Randy and Nog.

Randy who's lost to Fedor.

And Fedor who's lost to Tim.

How the hell would you rank those guys then presuming Randy didn't retire. How would you factor in Josh Barnett at this point and who would he even have to fight to be ranked #1? I know this may never happen but I was just thinking what if it did? That would really throw a wrench into the HW rankings big time.

Won't happen. Sylvia would never beat Fedor.


^I knew some idiot would come in here posting this.

The question was What if..

It was not Do you think this could happen...

I don't think it will happen either but WHAT IF IT DID?

Okay then "idiot", post it in the "What If" forum.

if that were to happen, then I would feel bad for fedor having a heart attack in the ring/cage. cuz that's the only way it would happen.

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