What is Combat jiu jitsu? Anyone

ever trained at one of these schools? Any info on Walt Bayless? thanks

"What is Combat jiu jitsu?"

Perhaps just a marketing term.

Looks like it's time for the semi-annual Walt Bayless thread...

Something some gracie blue belts made up cos they were bored of
waiting for purples.

Jujistu with strikes?

Sambo:Combat Sambo::Jujitsu:Combat Jujitsu

no strikes:strikes::no strikes:strikes

LOL@CGJJ so true!

Bayless' tapes are actually quite good.

He left Utah for work an an artist. He's quite good actually.


It's deadly... that is what it is...

His style was a hybrid of BJJ and wrestling.

cool thanks for the info. I might be relocating soon and the only school in the area is a ran by a guy who got his blackbelt from him.

Im a Pedro Sauer guy with no problem with him ^_^

In fact one of our guys who moved here from Utah used to be one of Bayless' students. Tough guy.

Bayless was very legit.

"please remember the term combat jujutsu has been around for years before wlt bayless, so everyplace that does combat jujutsu might have nothing to do with him or his style. "

The guy who runs the school is a blackbelt under bayless so I am assuming he is running it the same way he did.

I used to train with a Walt Bayless blackbelt and he was real good. I like the style alot, it's real smooth like bjj with good takedowns.


-He no longer teaches.

This comment is incorrect. He no longer runs a school but is very much still teaching( a small exclusive group). My training partner has just recieved his black belt from Mr. Bayless in the last couple of months. 

I don't really know all the differences of Mr. Bayless's system versus BJJ technically but he is a very legit teachers.