I would seriously love to see what Mayhem is going to do after this whole fiasco. I know he did create a website dedicated to him getting a fight with Nick. I mean after everything that happened I can't expect Mayhem to sit on the sidelines and just watch Nick fuck up without being able to make fun of him. I know he's most likely starting his camp right about now, but still - were talking about fucking Mayhem. I can't wait to see what he's going to do. 


*Or he might not even give a shit, because Diaz has already been exposed as a "nick" tucker.



Probably that you should stop posting.

shootfightermike -  
Awesome romoshop, but I doubt Mayhem would look for Waldo...


TheShogunEra - Probably that you should stop posting.


shootfightermike -  

Lol this is incredible Phone Post

" i wonder what roidie is doing right now?"

Pretjah - " i wonder what roidie is doing right now?"

 Are you talking about the one and only Roidie McDouchebag?  

lol who cares what that guy thinks about anything

he is probably recovering from being emancipated six years ago while dropping weight and it's slowing his web updates.

Why all the fucking hate? I've never stopped wanting to see this fight.

 TTT for Mayhem

Pretjah - " i wonder what roidie is doing right now?"

LOL wut

Probably thinking the same thing he has been saying from the beginning. Diaz talks a big game but when he gets what he wants then he can't handle it.

 I don't know Mayhem, but he seems like a real cerebral cat, and even though he badly wanted to make that fight happen, maybe there's a little part of his soul that knows that Nick's not all-the-way right up there and has a little sympathy for him.

Or, not.

stop trying to stir shit up

He is thinking "How can i seem even more outrageous! My hair is already dyed, thats sticking it to the man, what else..."

He's probably thinking about promoting the new TUF season and preparing for his first UFC fight. At least we'll never hear social anxiety used as the excuse for Mayhem not showing up to something.

" :)"