What is next after Adesanya vs Whittaker III?

At 39 you have to imagine Cannonier can’t stay up there in the top five too much longer but he has had some big upset wins and he is coming off of yet another big win.

Whittaker vs Du Plesis is of course the big fight booked right now.
Pereira is up at LHW likely forever.
Chimaev is not active.
Gastelum is trying to go back to WW.
Costa vs Aliskerov is a big fight.
Nickal needs time.
Strickland is Strickland and coming off a great performance.

Dolidze, Allen, Muniz, Curtis, Imavov, Borralho etc… have all been having a lot of success.

Muniz vs Craig might be a darkhorse for one of the best fights of July if you like grappling.

I’m still rooting for Rodolfo Vieira and Phil Hawes to do well but I’m not expecting either to crack the top 5.

Pereira or Hill

Strickland will get it before Whittaker. He is not being invited to JRE for nothing

I don’t think UFC pressures Joe to get certain fighters on but I won’t pretend to know who at UFC and what managers Joe will do that kinda favor for. Well Sean is 2-2 in his last four and 3-2 vs the current top 15 so that don’t scream title shot.

Sean is ranked #7, I think he is one or two wins away from a title shot still.

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Man Costa really needs this win here, his last four wins are Hendricks, Hall, Romero and Rockhold.

Not exactly the creme de la creme of the 2020’s.

Sean Strickland will fight the winner Paulo v. Ikram Aliskerov

That winner will fight for the belt. If I had to guess

If Rob wins, what will be next is fight #4. Actually if Whittaker wins I hope he pulls an Adesanya and doesn’t give him a rematch like IzZy did AP.

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AP moved up to 205. Sounded like he was going up to LHW either way win or lose though

Whittaker shouldn’t sniff a title shot while Izzy is champ…he had absolutely nothing for him last fight

God you’re such a casual. Izzy definitely win but to say he had nothing for him is wild. A lot of people believe Rob won the second fight including Rob himself

The last fight was competitive; way more competitive than Izzy getting an immediate rematch off of his first performance against AP.


Fuck Verdict

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I wonder why you don’t like Verdict

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Whittaker closed a 3-1 favorite. Big upset.

Everyone has been so used to Whittaker in that Holloway/Benavidez spot where he just beats everyone besides the champ that nobody was talking about Du Plessis and here we are.

Sep 9th, Adesanya vs Du Plessis.

DDP winning was the best thing that could have happened for the ufc last night

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Dread thinks 3 wont happen anytime soon.

I really hope Chimaev gets active because Adesanya, Pereira Costa, Chimaev, Du Plessis, Strickland, Curtis and now Nickal along with others like Allen and Dolidze have just done a lot to breath some new life into this division.

Should be a blast in the top 20 at MW over the next year in the UFC.

I’m hoping Muniz vs Craig is a great fight.

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Hazmat is done. Fucker is an OGer, he talks shit and doesn’t fight

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