What is next for Shevchenko?

Who is next for Shevchenko?

She has not fought in 4 1/2 months and honestly she is really all I care about in WMMA so who is she expected to defend against next and when could it happen?

She could go take Pena’s BW title but I know the UFC wants Nunes Pena II so we won’t be seeing it.

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If Tate wins they will do that as soon as they can.

Other than that who the fuck knows, whomever gets a 2 fight win streak I guess.

Its hard to pick a contender when the top 10 are all 2 and 3 in their last 5 or some shit

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Maybe Cejudo is an option?

But I really would like to see her fight the Champ in the weight above or below her. She is a too much above her current competition.


She would smoke Triple C on the streets for sure and I like her chances in the cage as well. Let Henry open his mouth, thats a dead man walking.


She is one of those fighters that seems deadly in the cage and deadlier outside of it.

She’s the closest thing to a Bond Girl Villain in real life.

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Her and Gina Carano should sell their eggs.

Id fucking buy one and put it in a little locket around my neck.

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She is by far the best womens fighter. Nunes has her by about natural 15lbs, but I still think Valentina beat her in both fights. The 2nd one was very close because it was pretty boring. Valentina is so technical that she can’t be too aggressive, its just her natural instincts. I dont know who at 125 can beat her. I imagine if sbe fought Dern, she could sub her if they went to the ground. I thought Tatiana Suarez might have the wrestling to give her some issues (if she had stayed active). Valentina would be bigger than them both so she might be able to keep it on the feet. There is one of the Brazilian girls (I forget the name) that looked pretty damn good. I remember watching her beat a girl and thinking she was the first one that I thought might be a real challenge. I imagine she’ll have to grow bored of training and start slipping. It happens to everyone. Nunes got lazy and we seen Pena hang in there with her. I imagine it will happen to Valentina too. I’ll be sad when it happens. I love her, she is badass girl in and out of the cage.