what is Remco Pardoel bjj rank??

What is Remco Pardoel BJJ rank?? Did he know BJJ when he fought Royce Gracie and Marco Ruas??

I think I read on bbj.org that he is a purple now. I think he may have known of it at that time but was more of a Judo guy with traditional jiujitsu knowledge.

I saw a tape of him competing against Liborio I believe in about the 1997 Mundials in the black belt division. Am I wrong about that?

does he get armbarred from the guard fairly quickly?

If so, then its him.

I worked out with Remco a couple of weeks ago. He is awesome on the ground now! after his lose to Royce in the UFC he started to focus on his ground game much more. I'm not exactly sure what rank he is in BJJ I never ask that but I'll ask next time. I work out with him a couple of times a year.

Remco's hands are pretty good too. I would like to see him get another shot in the UFC he could probably upset a few fighters.


Yes that's him gettting armbarred in the mudial tape.

he is a black belt.

Liborio, according to some is the best of the BTT in sjj.

Still, Royce schooled Remco, credit for that.

I saw him once in France at a comp. That is one big motherfucker.

lol he is a whitebelt under Royce.

He should be given another shot at the UFC.

"He should be given another shot at the UFC."

I´m all for more Euros in the UFC. Remco has not shown anything that makes me belive that he belongs in the UFC though. There are a lot of better Euros that should be in teh UFC before Remco IMO...

Remco is the man

remember he said its impossible to escape the mount, in the ruas fight. dunno if he was too legit bjj style...