** What is the Best Book about Dan Gable??? **

Growing up, like most wrestlers, I heard a bunch of stories about Dan Gable and his work ethic.  Different little stories, quotes, etc.

I want to share this with my guys but I hate playing the telephone game :)  I want to get my quotes and stories right from the source.  What are some of the best books and/or videos for me to get about Dan Gable?

Thanks for the help!  If you don't know of any but are reading this, please help out by bumping this back up with a TTT.

Season on the mat is a great read.


Season on the Mat is excellent!

I loved Season on the Mat. Amazing book...you will appreciate it and it's quite motivational.

Encyclopedia of Serial Killers

 A Fighters Mind by Sam Sherdian has a chapter devoted to him, and he's mentioned throughout the book as well.  Both A Fighters Mind and a Fighters Heart are awesome!!!

1.  Season on the Mat

2.  A Fighters Heart

3.  A Fighters Mind

Got it... I'm ordering them right now.

Also, I remember a while back there was a documentary or something like that about Gable's Iowa Hawkeyes and it had very high reviews, does anyone remember the name of that?  I'd like to pick up video as well.  You guys rock, thank you.  UG rules!

Dan Gable Competitor Supreme is the video

just an fyi, a fighters heart, while a great book, doesn't have a lot on gable in there. a fighters mind has the chapter as mentioned but not sure either of those books would be what you are looking for if you're just looking for pure gable stuff. both books are really really good though.