What is the defence to Toehold?

Its probably very simple but I don't have a clue.



If you can reach... kick off the other guys hands with your free leg. That is if they don't have it tied up.

In some cases it's possible to spin out or at least spin in the direction that your foot's being twisted.


Grab one of their hands (or a sleeve) before they put it on. They need two hands to do a toe hold.

If they manage to get it, try to put on the boot just like defending an ankle lock.

1 - Roll out of it (but make sure you roll the right way)

2 - Or use your other foot to strip his grip off of your foot

3 - Or toehold him and hope that your ligaments are stronger than his

4 - Or straighten your leg - depending on the position sometimes this kills his power and enables you to resist the lock long enough to escape some other way

Stephan Kesting

straighten your leg and ankle and tense it up. this will help you defend for a longer period of time.

often you can kick his arm off with your other leg, or push with your hand. I find the best way to do this (with either) is to push from beneath his elbow (the one that is wrapped around your leg). Push it off like a kimura.


put you foot on the floor and go for Hollywood mount. It sounds silly but if you try this and the stuff above at the same time, your probably get out of tapping to it.

I dont have to worry as I have banned my training partner from using it, right Dean.............

thanks guys.