what is the most you have ever paid for one item?

how much was it?

what was it?

why did you pay so much?

what condition was it in?

etc. etc.

 how much was it?  A LOT,

what was it?
Can't say now.

why did you pay so much?
Had to have it.

what condition was it in?
As expected.

etc. etc.

$800 for a Pride 1 poster.I paid so much because its a rare poster and of course Rickson is my favorite fighter and new that would probably be my only chance to ever have it and so far thats proven true.Thanks Yumaslim for selling it.

Ok so what about you Yuma?

i spent 1000 before on one item.

it was the ufc 30 floor canvas

i had to have it.

it had blood and wear on it.

ps- i wish i never sold that poster now.

why did you want that specific canvas? pretty cool though

didnt want a spacific canvas. that one was going to be thrown away. i drove up and got it. just wanted a canvas.

If they were going to throw it out then I would have gone dumpster diving for it and saved the grand...

As for me, a fairly modest $120 on a Pride poster is the most I've ever spent for a single item

As far as MMA goes, I've paid over $2k for some belts.

As far as wrestling goes, I've laid out over $10k for some ring used belts in order to resell them for more. I wouldn't feel comfortable having a $10k item just sitting on my mantle though.

"If they were going to throw it out then I would have gone dumpster diving for it and saved the grand..."

one they wanted it out right then and i dont live by them.
two they had to hold it for me until i could get up there.
three they had to meet me half way to get it.
four they took a day off work to fold it up, drive it to me(half way).

basically it was their time. they didnt want to do it and i was asking them not to throw it away.

Just busting balls Yuma. Look for the sarcasm, you'll find it contained in just about everything I ever say

you still have that lions den tulsa shirt?

You know it. That's one of the items I could never see myself selling

what about you grizz whats the most you ever spent?

 Most I can remember spending on a single item was about $120 for a full size one of these

was this 15 x 21 or larger?

cool poster

thanks for sharing

It's a 20x30

Easily one of my top 2 or 3 favorite posters in my collection

My UFC 3 poster was definitely my most expensive purchase.

Wanted it bad. 

It was around 6

Excellent condition