What is Tyson Fury's secret

so, tall guys, while having many advantages in fighting have also seemed super prone to injury. I’ve had a bunch of friends who are around 6’7 and their bodies are just in a constant state of collapsing with ACL tears and broken ankles in teens, and later in life tall guys are also at risk for heart problems and surgeries because it just takes a lot of effort to pump blood to the whole body (see why Stefan Struve retired/took a bunch of breaks)

I haven’t seen or heard of any of that from Tyson Fury, not many real injuries that he’s had to disclose or have seemingly held him back, and no heart problems. Does Fury have some sort of secret to longevity, is he just super unique, or am I just suffering from selection bias here?

Your friends don’t really count (too small of a sample size) and Struve had heart problems. There are hundreds of NFL and NBA players who are 6’7"+ and have never had an issue with their body breaking down.

In general, boxing is pretty easy on the body. Well, outside of the whole brain trauma thing, anyway. We almost never hear of boxers tearing ACLs, or dealing with any serious injuries…it’s all cuts or broken hands. The only time they hurt their ankles or knees is if they were fucking around at a pickup basketball game or something lol.


PEDs! you know those thing he’s been popped for before.

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Fury’s secret? He’s addicted to pain!

Cocaine and pussy


being a naturally bid white guy? is this kind of thing really so complicated?..

to me his secret is having what some would call a swimmers physique as compared to a sprinters body type.
less risk of injury in a longer, looser musculature compared to a more tightly wound fast twitch type.

Genetics, toughness, PED’s plus he’s fucking smart. He’s a fucking whack job and completely tainted by cancerous gypsy culture, but a very smart and calculated guy. He also puts in the work when it comes time, but it would do him well to stay in shape between fights.

He had severe elbow injuries which required 6 hour surgery when he fought Wilder.

He gets injured a lot but he’s a warrior who still shows up to fight regardless.

That’s why his undefeated streak is actually impressive unlike Khabib who’s pulled out of as many fights as he’s won because he can’t show up if he has even the slightest joint pain or tummy ache.


He is built like Chewbacca
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