what is your fav orite HL?

what HL do you guys like the most?

gotta be the Rumina Sato HL that was on Sherdog....I searched everywhere to get that song

if possible please post the vids

jimmerson no vid

There was a BJ Penn highlight with the Filter song "Hey Man, Nice Shot" that was awesome! But it got taken down. :(

20 greatest comebacks was sweet.

Anyone got the MMA highlight with Welcome to the Jungle by GnR??? That's the greatest highlight vid of all time, imo.

The ufc prelims hl by kweiss, anything Boondock, damian's mma mixes.

You cant beat those Genki Sudo Hls.

There are alot of them but most of them are awesome.

Furious Angels




Art of the Slam


Nog vs Fedor

Genghis con makes some kick ass ones.

pretty much all of Boondock saints HLs are kick ass too.

20 comebacks and SHERKS...oh yea almost all of GENKI's

The Crocop one with Evanesence

This is the greatest highlight ever made.

JOB has informed the thread of the correct.

Why I Love MMA By Robert Park.

that robbie park shit is all the same. 5 minutes of running cliché..

furious angels is well edited and powerful.. the ali highlight has structure, but isn't obvious and blatant structure like robbie park's stuff.

Genghis Con's HLs. Anyone who's seen one knows. Most innovative ones out there.


My bad, the GnR highlight was with Paradise City, not Welcome to the Jungle. Anyone got that one?

It ends with BJ Penn running back to the lockerroom after KOing Uno.

I guess I might like Staind, JOB :)