What is your go-to online news source?

What are OG'ers using to get their news online?  MSM sites, alternative sites, etc?

I know some of you say you use multiple sources to keep things balanced, so feel free to post several.  Some of you may say "it depends"-- so narrow it down and give examples.

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CNN.com is amazing

For a laugh

Teh OG of course!

The OG.


It's hard to find a fair and balanced view so I watch fox news only.


sloppyfloppys - Reddit

Doesn't really mean much unless you specify which sebreddit...

 most are horrific echo chambers like r/politics or The Donald. And lol at the "Front Page" 

Starting 5 yrs ago l avoid the news like the plague.

It’s all bad/negative news and fluff.

UG news. Also the added bonus of getting grammar lessons.