What is your nicknick name for Big Country?

I started with country biscuits and gravy but have evolved to country tomato gravy and biscuits.

Kinda of a running joke around here.

So UG, what you got? Phone Post

Big country, you know his "nick name"

nicknick diaz

Big Big country country

sweatygooch - Greasy fat fuck. Phone Post

What's the rule about saying shit you wouldn't say to a fights face? Feel tough behind a keyboard? Phone Post

Roy Robertson, jack

Country Fried Steak Phone Post

Joshua J King - He really is the kenny powers of mma ergo kimbo slice was his reg macworthy. Phone Post

Lol yes! Phone Post

Roy "Wafflehouse and Schlitz" Nelson Phone Post

I thought bk meant Burger King Phone Post

Gut Phone Post

xlDutchielx - I thought bk meant Burger King Phone Post

Winner! Phone Post

Nelson by brutal KO tonight.

Anyone think he will want to work on the ground any? He could prob work Mitrione over. Phone Post

Big Hungry Phone Post

Always liked little city. Phone Post


He gets called "Big Chunky" in this household. Phone Post

jasonhightower - Roy "Wafflehouse and Schlitz" Nelson Phone Post

Sometimes waffles get thrown in with the biscuits here. Phone Post

We just call him ''belly'' around here. Simple and effective.

Bic Bacon Phone Post