What kind of floor should I do?

I already have 10X20 worth of Zebra mats

I can get a reconditioned wrestling mat 20X30 for 2000

I can get 20X30 Zebra combo mat for 2300

I can get 20X30 Zebra grappling mat (Thicker) for 2700

Zebra also sets a puzzle mat (1 inch) for 18 bucks a piece. I could do 20X30 for 1200

This will be used for striking, grappling and MMA takedowns with a padded wall. Any experience is helpful.

ck your local canvas dealer ,he will have mat'ls you can pick from and will weld, glue ,what ever they do so its 1 piece.Then just buy the padding.no seems

I dunno wrestling mats get real soft in the heat. I just broke my toe on one.

I am really not feeling the wrestling mats these days lol. At least barefoot anyway.

Our coach just got a whole floor of Dollumar mats. They are sweet.  Not too soft, not too hard.  Out of all the mats I've practiced on these are my favorite. 



12 has a great idea. Really helps protect your mats, too.

Get the Zebra Combo 1.5in mats. Our Judo club has these and they are great and will allow you to take hard throws and TDs. They are heavy, so if you gotta set them up and put htem away after every practice make sure people don't leave til they're put away :(

its not my idea ,just passing on what i seen,the best thing is cleaning no seams ,i hate dirty mats,and the ring worm

and the ants that somehow get in there


Roy Harris has an article on his site about making your own mats v. cheapy.


Where are you getting that wrestling mat so cheap?
I prefer the wrestling mat with less seams, less mat burn, and better cleaning.

It is more personal preference as they will all work except the puzzles.