What kind of Knife in "The Hunted"

I was watching the trailer for the movie "The Hunted" and wondered what kind/make of knife is featured?

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Hello StickGrappler!

I have been lurking but not able to post lately due to too much work going on. Anyway, the knife being used in the movie, is from the Tracker, Tom Brown. There is a great PDF file on his site at http://www.trackerschool.com/
It describes the blade and it's uses very well.

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tanto maybe?

"tanto maybe? "NopeGo to the trackerschool website. Its a pretty interesting story on the knife and its use.Length Overall: 11 7/8" Length Blade: 4 1/4" Draw Knife: 2 1/8" Saw: 2 1/2" Thickness Blade: 1/4" Weight: 1 lb 12 oz Blade Steel: 1095 High Carbon Alloy Rc 58 Blade Color: Black Traction Coating Handle Material: Black Linen Micarta® Sheath Material: Kydex Heavy Duty LBE Product Category: Combat/Sportsman Mfg. Handcrafted in the USA *Each knife individually numbered with a serial number

It actually comes with a manual on how to use it. For a survival knife its pretty impressive.

I will have one.

I fooled with one for a few hours once. I dont like it at all. It just feels all wrong. TOPS the company that makes the knife is a top notch knife maker though.

ttt for AGS

thanks, i scrolled down after i made my first post and saw this one. I should have checked more carefully before posting.


Based on looks, I think it would be a GREAT survival/utility/camp tool. The edge swell gives it nice slashing/hacking abilities, the straight edge gives it slicing ability, the saw tooth gives it sawing abilities. And, from what I saw on the flick, the butt end of the handle makes a great hammering tool.

However, I'm NOT too sure about it as a TACTICAL tool. Tom Brown is a survivalist, so I wouldn't be surprised if he designed it strictly as a camp tool.

I read what he said about it on his page. He designed what he thought was the best survival knife. Thats what he does, it has gained popularity because of the movie.

Go to his site, its pretty interesting.