What kind of maniac

gets into a bloody slugfest with the uncrowned king T Ferg and then takes on maybe the only fighter who would top Tony in terms of pure violence per minute - Justin Gaethje?


I know it's been noted a million times, but Donald Cerrone is an absolute badass. Taking on two of the most brutal fighters in the UFC back to back is something that should be appreciated whether he wins the next one or not. 

Who do you guys think will win? Did Cerrone take this fight too soon, or is this a match-up he would have struggled against at any point in his career? 

That maniac is a Cow Boy Bay Bee


I'm dumb

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He gonna get KOd

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knot eye -

That maniac is a Cow Boy Bay Bee


I'm dumb

know your dumb

haha punny guy


unfortunately I don't have a witty reply

All those back to back fights can´t be good for Cerrone´s Brain, and I think his ability to take a punch is affected greatly.

He'll retire and realise pretty quickly that spending his whole career trying to be Dana's favourite employee wasn't worth the health problems he's likely going to have.