What No Gi series shall I get?

I need some good NO Gi instructional to get.

I am thinking about the Saulo or Garcia series

Any idea or input?

which one is the best?

Saulo's gives a more general approach (i feel) and marcelo is more specific to his game.  If you have a game like marcelo's then you can get a lot from it.

I will have a review for 'Ultimate Grappling' from Island Martial Arts in a few weeks, if you want to hold on to your cash until then.

I have the Chris Brennan series from Island and it is very good. Matt Thornton's FJKD2 is very good.

Not trying to talk you out of Saulo's or Marcelo's, but I have not seen anything from Marcelo and only have Saulo's gi series (which is very good). I can't comment on either of those but I can say that Island puts out some good stuff and if they are consistent with their quality, then Ultimate Grappling should be something to keep an eye on.

Look out for the review in a few weeks.


I would recommend the ground game DVDs from the FJKD2 set.

FJKD2, unlike many other sets I have seen, has lots of good info on general strategy and concepts. Many sets simply show a collection of related techniques. Don't get me wrong, FJKD2 shows plenty of great techniques; however, it also helps you understand how the complete game is played. It also includes lots of great drills you can do to improve your game.

I recommend:

Cholitzu by Tony Desouza. A great combination of wrestling and BJJ.

Kenny Florian's no-gi & MMA seminar

Saulo Series for sure

I'd go with Saulo.


All great (esp Saulo and Garcia 3)

Get Sperry's Vale Tudo top position tape as well. He has an s-mount section that is awesome.

Shinya Aoki has bar-none, the best brabo choke instructional and also lots of judo throws shown with and without the gi.

Oh shit and Karo's Judo for MMA is well worth a look as well.

You can also check out this video reviews archive:


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