what now for Brock?

who do you want to see him fight now?

at least 5 more turds

Eilers or Sims.

He needs to keep fighting cans. Give him a few years of training and ring experience before he starts fighting contenders.

Well he's already been training a year

No need for a slow buildup...just throw him in there with some top 20 type guys.

Just give him an opponent that will fight back.

A wrestler with legit MMA experience would be best, that way we can see him win or lose at his best, either way we would know exactly where hes headed from then on.

maybe they'll match him with his originally scheduled opponent again, in Japan or Korea where no athletic commissions can spoil the fun...

I'd kinda like to see him fight Herring...

feed him more cans then a few b level fighters.