What should Bisping have done?

Serious question to shiloh and some of the other "haters"

He was fighting a guy who has only been stopped once by strikes and that was against the best fighter in the whole division. And he has KOd people with one punch several times

Should Bisping have thrown everything out of the window and traded with a granite chinned KO puncher for entertainment?

I mean the chances of him knocking Leben out was like 1%. And he tried to take him down but Leben was the superior wrestler

Effective game plan to get the w imo.

He smashed Leben's face.

"If Bisping would have even been in the middle of the spectrum, he woulda got knocked out, he knew that so he ran."

So he should have been in the middle of the spectrum. Gotten knocked out so you could be happy because your idol won?

I don't think he was running so much as trying to pick his spots, Lebens constant aggression just kept him a bit off balance many times.

^^ Then explain what he could have done to finish Leben

Submit him? because he doesn;t carry enough fire power in his fists to KO Leben.

Leben got the only takedown in the fight. He stuffed all of Bispings attempts

Hard to submit someone when you fail at taking them down

He did what he had to do to get the win without putting himself at severe risk.

 If he knew beforehand that he was going to just back out any time Leben tried to come in range, he probably should have planned to actually set up attacks off of that. Instead, he just kept moving back and letting Leben re-set in the middle of the cage.

"At least he would have had a chance to finish his opponent."

True. He would have had a chance to KO a guy who has only been stopped once in his whole career by one of the best fighters ever


jbob3000 - stand like a man.

Lol. Oh, whats happening to this sport....

Richy Roo - Nothing
he got the big W
dont see ppl hateing on Machida

smacks head

you should stop by more often.

 Ryan has spoken the truth

How about a combination or two? Something other than a counter jab and a few leg kicks?

I have no problems with counter punching as a strategy, but it seemed like Bisping was fighting not to lose, rather than to win.

I would have liked to see more attempted offense on the feet...he wouldn't have had to stand and trade, but a follow-up to the counter jabs would have been good...more work in the clinch against the fence...something.

you play to your strengths, not your opponents. that is fight science 101. i really wish more of you had graduated into mma from boxing instead of pro-wrestling. or hadn't gotten weaned on a steady diet of guys that are tough grapplers who have only the very faintest grasp of rudimentary striking footwork.

ps- being a man does not = being stupid. if your opoonent has advantages in chin and power, and you choose to try and out-slug him, or to make like james toney when you clearly are not, you are stupid.

being stupid is nothing to be proud of.

Bisping did what he had to do to win the fight; but that stick-and-move approach won't work reliably against the top fighters. He's retreating and circling too much rather than using head movement to slip punches. If Leben had opted for several more takedowns and had controlled the fight better, he could have stolen that fight from Bisping.

Bisping's footwork looks awkward and off-balance, even though it is effective for avoiding damage (at least against his opponents thus far). If he doesn't stop giving up the center to opponents, he'll start to lose fights against opponents who know how to control the ring and fight tempo.