What Should I Buy from Here??

 Crooklyn was gracious and generous enough to hook me up with a $40 giftcertificate for the UG store. However, there are so many awesome things to choose from that I literally can not decide. What would you guys get??

So far I'm thinking this...

add $10


No offense to Rob, but I have that series. I have yet to be able to watch the whole thing without falling asleep.

^^Moves so effective that you become unconscious just from watching them? You don't see the brilliance of that?

I found myself in a similar situation and ended up with the little red glove inserts that dry out your gloves after workout. Not sure what they're called, but they are cool.

MJD - 

add $10


I was actually thinking about this as well. So you recommend it, huh? Any notable things about it?


 Whatever you get, let me know, and I will try to make Crooklyn's hookup evern hook uppier. Kirik@MMA.tv

 I would get some UG gloves while on Oct. discount.

hijack warning

I'm thinking of buying some UG gloves while on special, but not sure if I should go for the training gloves or muay thai/boxing gloves.

is an MMA training glove alright for pad work and occasional bag work? For now, we are on the pads more than sparring. How many oz. are dem MMA training gloves anyways?. I might be better of with a more boxing or Muay Thai oriented glove, just looking to buy one pair for now, only doing MMA once a week, much more focused on BJJ. 

Kirik -  Whatever you get, let me know, and I will try to make Crooklyn's hookup evern hook uppier. Kirik@MMA.tv

Kirik, thanks a lot, man. I don't know what to say...

Boxing For MMA with Joe Lauzon  Product Image

Boxing For MMA with Joe Lauzon

            <input type="hidden" value="cart.add" name="go" />         <input type="hidden" value="go=shop.instructionalDvd" name="CurrentPage" />         <input type="hidden" value="1" name="qty" />         <input type="hidden" value="9" name="ProductID" />         <input type="image" align="right" alt="7 Free Tito Ortiz DVDs" src="http://img.mixedmartialarts.com/method=get&amp;cs=1&amp;s=C9A421CC-1D09-6BFC-E5F04A1A9927F2A1.jpg" />


The fastest way to win a fight is to punch him in the face. This is how to smash his face, and liver, turned into science. Learn the complete fundamentals of boxing, and how to hone them step by step, from wrapping hands and choosing gloves, to the precise and detailed use of every piece of equipment in the gym. Maize ball, heavy bags, speed bags, chin down, you will learn it all. Then UFC and The Ultimate Fighter star Joe Lauzon teaches you exactly how to apply these devastating skills in a Mixed Martial Arts fight. Also includes the World Title Workout - when you can finish this one, YOU ARE READY!


This is what I am getting. I'd like to "upgrade" my order so that I get Chuck Liddell's DVDs as well.


By the way, aside from the fact that I have met and like Joe Lauzon (no homo), I have seen clips of this DVD in the past and really enjoyed it. PLUS, this is what really reeled me in: "includes the World Title Workout - when you can finish this one, YOU ARE READY!"

I just checked out a couple of clips from the Chuck Liddell videos and they're surprisingly great. I can't wait to receive my DVDs! :)

Thanks again, Crooklyn and Kirik!

 is there anything under $40?