What should Schafer do next?

red is a smart dude, he will be back better than ever

Red, you are welcome at our gym anytime. With your jiu-jitsu, the sky is the limit.

And don't worry about these guys; you lose and you aren't fit to walk the earth, you win and you are the next UFC champion, lol.


Good luck with your new training regimen ideas. You deserve a lot of respect for getting in there and fighting hard. Hopefully we will see you in the future maximizing your ability.


Good fight last night bro, and don't worry about what these idiots say.

Half the clowns on this board couldn't fight their way out of wet paper bag but feel it's ok to come on here with their made up screen names and talk tough.

As long as the UFC keeps calling you, you are doing something right and like you say you can learn more in a loss than you can in win.

So in summation keep talking bitches because all you are doing is talking.

Like always, I heart Red. The dude went to UW Zero