What should Schafer do next?

This fight seemed to be very similar to his last fight with Bisping. He
started out strong and took the guy's back, but was eventually
overwhelmed by strikes. I never like to say a fighter is done or he should
quit because it shows a lack of respect to a professional and when the
guy becomes champ you look like a real idiot for saying it. BUT as it is
now I think there are more than a few guys at 205 in the UFC who could
beat Schafer the same way Bonnar did. What should Schafer do next?

WEC for a couple fights.

"and when the guy becomes champ you look like a real idiot for saying it."

Rest assured he will NEVER become a champ.

He's just not good enough. Not saying he stinks, but he has no business in the UFC at this stage. Fact is, he is taking slots on cards that could be showcasing MUCH better talent.

Smaller shows would be the thing for him, I think.

I wasn't talking about Schafer specifically becoming champ, but just about
the idea of badmouthing a fighter who's hit a rough spot and then looking
like a schmuck when they turn it around. But I agree that he should
probably try getting experience in a smaller show for the time being.

continue fighting as a gatekeeper? He puts on a good show

I think it's down to the minors for Schafer.

Train in GI only

Stop flopping to guard

Shafer is an excellent guy to keep in the UFC, if its just as a gatekeeper then oh well. If you aren't that good on the ground he will get you, and if you are, you have the chance to gnp through his guard. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but seriously, he doesn't have boring fights. Unlike some others.

I seriously think he should go train with Chute Boxe or something. His ground game's already solid.

you don't get too much better than Duke Roufus as your striking coach, but yeah, he could use some strict stand up only months of training.


Red is 6'3, I think cutting to 185 would wear him out too much.

How tall is Anderson?

he's peaked out...WEC sounds bout rt.

Filho being the WEC MW champ completely kills that division. Nobody else in the WEC has the most remote hope of beating him.

WEC would be good for him, I think he would be an immediate contender there.

He needs to learn how to strike.

I have only been really focused on MMA for 2 years and been training striking with Duke for one year. When I get in there I fight very tight and then get fatigued fast. After the first round, I was untouched and breathing fine, but my muscles were cashed. I think it is from a combination of inexperience, nervousness, ring rust, and training of course... All I can say is that I am a work in progress. Technically I am going to train striking daily with Duke and continue to adapt my BJJ to MMA. As far as the cardio issues, I think I need to work more sprint/anaerobic stuff (ala Sean Sherk) and less long, aerobic work. I was looking at Sean's workouts in Grappling on the flight home, and those high intensity workouts seem like the perfect thing. I want to take a trip to Minnesota to learn more.

I don't blame Shafer. I blame the UFC for having this guy on main cards. You got guys like Arona and Overreem out there, but we are watching Shafer? Come on.