What takedowns did Fedor use?

I read on another thread that Fedor has "best takedowns in the heavyweight division"?

What throws/takedowns did he use?

The takedowns were called "The Grab and Throw"

Give me names. Double leg, hip throw??? Uchimata? ;-)

yes if i'm not mistaken (and i rarely am ever mistaken)

he used the rag doll take down!!!

I'd have to watch again because they were so fast, but I believe he used a standing judo double leg takedown several times. The rest were trips if I remember correctly.

Nog was able to hit a double leg as well.

ttt for no gi judo!

SOme of them looked unorthodox but they were very effective.

i was amazed how fast fedor was moving and his punches were super fast, so much power throwing punches from his waist!

He ragdolled Nog.

looked like football tackles

They were the Russian version of the ghetto "get-the-fuck-off-me" takedown


he has perfected the high double leg take down common to greco-roman wrestling

I think that is the most dominant Fedor has ever been. I really can't see anyone beating him anytime soon. He'll put Cro Cop on his back and smash his face in. He literally toyed with Mino and absolutely destroyed him standing up. Very, very impressive.

Nyet problem.


lol, Fedor will have NO problem taking crocop down.