What the fuck is Tony talking abou

I like him. But wtf. 

I mean he would wreck khabib 

Youtube comments are hilarious

Legit nuts.

He’s trying to style and create a persona. 

He’s being a cocky asshole. Needs Khabib to beat the respect into him. 

I don’t know, but it’s awesome to listen to. He’s got all the sauce. And he’s sweet.

Hes rapping

Davy -

I mean he would wreck khabib 

I agree. 

He's the MMA version of the ulitamate warrior while giving a promo.. Jesus christ, this dude don't make any sense. lol

Saying he represents the sport now saying he doesn’t represent the sport. Guy’s fuckin nuts. 

He was backstage strutting and throwing his elbows lkke a mexican when he saw Conor and he saw fear. He also trains with baseballs and has them thrown at him. He threw baseballs at Pettis to make him open up. Sometimes he would throw a curveball at him. 

Coked out of his mind. Cops have been at his house numerous times the last two months. 

Davy - 

I mean he would wreck khabib 

I’d like to see it

mma gods demand it nobody should be 27-0 in the ufc

yet here we are.

Tony might be that guy

"I'm gonna go home and throw some salt in the film."

"If your injured, get the Fuck off my Matt! I'm here to work. I'm here to have fun"

He rambles. Crazy in the head. I want a full written transcript of what he said here tonight. It's gibberish.

oranos -

Hes rapping

Someone take the fucken mic away from him.

Something is wrong with his head lol

He's getting his PHD 

I thought this is just how he was. Never really watched an interview/press conference with him. 

Is this a new thing he is just trying out tonight?