What time is Royce vs. Yoshida?

What time are they supposed to fight (U.S. Central Time please)?

Thank you.

Go Royce!

Anyone? Mike?

*Gets his bunker ready* it's gonna be a fucking shitstorm on here regardless of who wins.


I believe Japan is 14 hours ahead of the Eastern Time Zone. So that would be 15 hours ahead of Central. It's Dec 31 about 9:06 in the morning there, right now.

dragonhead just posted it's 9:15 AM in Japan, PRIDE starts 9 hours from then which would be about 4 AM Eastern I believe

Wow. I'll wake up to the results. Thanks guys.

Hehe Kai if Yoshida wins i expect at least a couple of HAHAHA posts from ya ;-)

I hope regardless of the outcome that it's a good fight.With just two rounds now i kind of expect a draw but who knows maybe somebody will get aggressive and either catch or be caught.Just hope there's respect all around afterwards.

busses leave the hotel at 1pm, its 10:30am now....show starts at 2am pst, 5am est

The fight is schedule to start between 5:30 and 6 AM EST

I wish they would have stuck with the unlimited number of rounds. What happened to that plan?

Go Royce!

shit this morning at 6 am est? or tomrow the 31 in the morning at 6 am est which woudl make it jan1

Oh, nevermind. I just saw the explanation on another thread.

Go Royce!