what time is Strikeforce on TV (Pacific)?

people I know says it starts on TV on the west coast at 8pm which doesn't make sense as that means 10pm in Chicago ... can someone verify the actual TV start time Pacific zone

9 pm eastern so I assume 6 pacific. Cant imagine its being tape delayed

I think it is tape delayed for the west coast - on TV starting at 900p.

Shit, I would figure it is tape delayed. Stuff usually is, isn't it?

For enthusiasts that's annoying, but its good for introducing and promoting it. Primetime after all. 99% of viewers won't have a clue.

yes its pretty usual. 9pm no matter where your at.

DirecTV has CBS east, so you can watch it at 6.

I have Cox but my friend has Direct...

I have party I have to get to by around 9pm; how long does Strikeforce last? I may have to find wifi in the club I'm going to and stream it via iphone, fuck.

its tape delayed here unfortunately, gonna have to get off the interwebs at about 6 so i dont spoil it.

BzGrappla - yes its pretty usual. 9pm no matter where your at.

Its highly unusual to tape delay live sporting events unless it's the olympics taking place on the other side of the globe. Fox does this when they have the f1 broadcast instead of Speed and I always manage to see the result before the race airs. Fuckers.

i hate CBS, they always showed the elitexc cards on delay as well.

its because 9pm is prime fuckin time.

and its all about ratings and thats when they can sell commercials for the most fuckin money to other companies.. why?

because its primetime.

its all about the dolla bills