What to carry?

Ok, some of you might remember my thread 2 months back entitled legal action question.

I go to McGill university in Montreal. Last year, in 26 weeks there were 8 reported assaults. This year, there were 11 assaults in the first 8 weeks of school. The police never caught the guys who did it but things have stopped- for now (they may be back next semester).

The police recently came to McGill. They asked anyone with info to come forward, stated that many of the descriptions do match and they are interviewing witnesses, etc. One of the questions asked was the legality of knives and batons.

1- all expanadable batons are illegal, felony

2- all knives over 4", automatics, serrated, etc. = felony

Given that one can only carry a blade of less than 4", what is reccomended? Also, could it be fixed? By the time I pull it out, I don't want to use both hands opening it up, I want to be able to use it immediately. I am a certified first responder, can I claim that I am carrying the knife for that reason? What kind of knife?

Also, if you are police, militry, emt, you can carry a larger knife- so I was thinking, since First Responders are "always" on call- could I carry say a 5" blade?


Since you wear gloves outside half the year, use one with a thumb stud, not a hole. 4 inch serrated. There are lots of good choices. Cold Steel Voyager is one of the best balances of pricing and quality. It goes from zero to lethal in under a second if you carry it clipped to your strong-side hand hip pocket. You just need to practice drawing for a few days.

Also a very small, handy, easy-on clustered-LED light.

If you're minimizing your risk properly by where you wander about, who you're with, etc. these are sufficient.

It's Canada, man.

I don't know about McGill Law school, but basically you're right. There's no such thing as "felony" but the distinction between summary conviction and indictable offenses is often mistaken for "misdemeanor vs. felony" because hey, Canadians watch American TV.

I believe ms was saying that UP TO 4i is legal to carry, I think he's right on that. There are different laws for what you can carry in a concealed way vs. open carry. I think we went over that with the last ms thread.

Serrated is okay.

Carry of batons is effectively not legal except for security personnel.

Somebody set me straight if I'm incorrect.

I recently got a Strider MFS fixed blade knife. It comes with an
adjustable BladeTech kydex sheath so it can be worn hor.,vert., or
diagonally. Very easy to draw, unbelievably sharp, very heavy duty,
and great warranty. I have to check the blade length but I'm pretty
sure it's 4 inches.

Blade length on the Strider MFS is 3.25 inches.

Thanx guys.

As to the word felony- I am an English kid translating from the police officers' Quebecois French. If it comes out as misdemenor or offense, I translated it wrong. I also do not attend McGill Law School (or I'd probably know what I can carry). I attend Kinesiology because I will be an MMA coach!


nice choice on the MFS! Their warranty isn't only great, it's the best. Dull it, chip it, break it, etc and it will be fixed for cost of shipping only.

MS what you get will be dictated by your budget. I agree a good knife, whether folder or fixed blade could get your ass out of a jam, so this isn't a place to skimp. A crummy fixed blade or folder can snap or otherwise fail. f'ingoof is right that folders are generally more PC but they are also a little slower to deploy and due to their nature, not as strong as a fixed blade.

I liked the MFS so much that I picked up a MTL and a BT from

why would you want to cut a bad guy? he could give you cooties.


Effing- I need to get to class. Of the 11 attacks, 5 occured on campus. The other 6 occured within 3 blocks of campus all bet. 2pm and 11pm. Since I generally walk to and from school through this area, (we are talking about a 5x4 city block area where the attacks occured so going around it is really out of the way) and I would rather carry something than risk going up against 2 guys who have shown themselves to be openly violent.

Apparently their strategy is to approach someone alone, hit them till they go fetal and then demand their wallet and cell. If they do not give it, they begin to stomp. Wonderful society we got up here in Canada, I gotta say.


i was thinking aboot it too, but i figured that everyone in canada already carries hockey sticks.


You know, if I could get a place to store it on campus... hmm...