What to expect in a boxing gym

I was gonna start my boxing lessons today but pushed it until tomorrow. What should I expect? How long until they have u spar?

three days ago you were going to start bjj....what happened to that?

I started the bjj yesterday. It didn't go so well. I was gonna start the boxing today but cause my neck and arms are still killing me I pushed the boxing gym off until tomorrow.

If they have me spar, how bad am i gonna get my a$$ kicked?

You won't be sparring for a while...

Why am i a troll? Is it cause I did tma, I have to be a troll?

Eric I never said that I was gonna spar. I was asking how long until they put u in the ring to spar?

I'm not exactly use to getting "hit" in the face. But thats good at least it won't be right away.

When they punch you say is that all you got. And let them know boxing has nothing on MMA. Your BJJ experience will give you an edge over them.

jump to guard a lot.

Well I found out my bjj sucks. I'm hoping that I can do a little bit better with the boxing.

I'm pretty sure Tommy Hearns claimed that Emmanuel Steward threw him into sparring the very first day he showed up at the Kronk as a child. Hearns said he got his snot boxed smashed to peices in the first round, but he kept coming back. I guess the Kronk isn't your average gym though and Tommy Hearns obviously wasn't your average dude off the street.

LOL! Yeah I should fit right in wearing a gi!

When a girl rolls you on your belly and crawls on your back and chokes the living shit out of you, you realize that u just SUCK!

^ I call that fun!

I think the teacher laughed. I'm not sure he turned his head too quickly

I know that tma grappling is not any where near bjj. I just thought that I could hold guard for more than a few seconds. MAYBE even get at least side mount a few times. The only thing I remember is slamming my hand on the mats ever few seconds. From everyone pulling on my lapel so much, my neck is still killing me.

I didn't start sparring in boxing until 2 months of training 3 times a week.

I never threw a punch in my life and had literally no idea what i was doing. But after a while of drilling i got the basics down, got some equipment and hit the ring.

First day in i got a bloody nose and a really sore jaw. Sparring is nothing like training, you actually get hit back all the time and its something to get used to.

Thanks for all the input. I don't plan on saying that I did tma. It seems to be a bullseye for tourment from anyone into combat sports.

Well I'm gonna get back to work. I'll be back later on. Thanks again for the motivation.