WHat was Heath thinking

You just knocked a guy down, and you can finish him with GNP and you let him back up.. and he barley makes it up... AHHH And I had 100 to win 450

10-8 Round one for Herring.

i don't think so. Herring was losing big up to that point. 10-9 for Herring if i was scoring it

What was Nog thinking, he gets Heath Herring down who is a stupid bastard on the ground, and he doesn't finish him. Then he lets him up and gets kicked in the face.

Good Point EM

They both learned a tough lesson. Heath should have taken advantage of the KO.

"who is a stupid bastard on the ground"

LOL! That was funny

260 is not a good look for Heath

My name is Heath ... whats a hammer fist ???????

well try and finnish a jiu jitsu guru on the ground or try to finnish on the feet

its a a or b choice that could workout either way

if he was armbarred you would be saying should have stood up