what was up with the sambo fight

Did fedor think bill sucked that bad that he sent the biggest newb he could find. Wow i was shooked it made sambo look bad i really wish they put someone with more fights to show the sport for what it is.


what? Was there a full contact Sambo with fedor recently?

Human weapon?

I didn't think it made SAMBO look bad. They were clear that it was a novice level guy with a few am bouts to his credit. It was an accident though, and Chambers explains why it was set up like that on the other Human Weapon thread. Turns out the guy had nothing to do with Fedor.

I prefer they do the final fight like this instead of setting the guys up with a real master, and everyone pretending that they are really hanging with him.


This is the 2nd time I see the show and it looks to me like the guy they put up against the hosts is told to take it easy on the host.

They couldn't have been more clear about the fact that the guy Bill fought was a novice. Bill even said the guy didn't have much more SAMBO training than he did.