What was your first MMA class like?



How long did it last?

What did you learn?

Still do it?

Andy the man where you from? Phone Post

I learned how to pass guard it was great!

Never realized the elbows dig into the thigh to get your opponent to release guard!

Also my first day I realized I don't know how to throw ANY type of punch or kick!

My first MMA class was 130 pounds ago. I was winded 30 seconds into the warmup. My training partners are, to this day, amazed I came back for a second day.

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Latvia. Why?

First mma class 2007 following few years of many other disciplines
In Limerick Ireland
Hour and a half
Kimura from guard
Not as much as I'd like to

 I went from HS wrestling to Judo an MMA class where guys were getting ready for fights at Reality Fighting. I learned that my cardio was complete shit and that no matter how many people said that BJJ and Judo were the same thing....they were not even close. I was tapping like Savion Glover and it was fucking fun.