What Were the Best Fights I’ve Missed Past 3 Years

I’ve been out of the loop past few years. Just signed up for fight pass. What should I catch up on?

Cant remember how long ago it was but the first Hunt v Bigfoot fight was awsome if you haven't seen it

Lawler vs rda 

gaethje vs Johnson 

gaethje vs Alvarez

lawler vs Macdonald 2

melendez vs sanchez

arlovski vs Browne 

oh and of course Conor Diaz 1, but surely you've seen that 

Choi vs. Swanson

Elkins vs. Bektic

Yancy Medeiros vs. Cowboy Oliveira

and ramaham's list

Conor vs Diaz 2

Condit vs Lawler (rip off decision)

Tate vs Holm 

Korean Superboy vs Swanson

Mcgregor vs Aldo 

Bisping vs Rockhold 2 

GSP vs Bisping 

Jones vs DC 2 

Dillashaw vs Garbrandt

Johnson vs Borg. 

Stipe vs Werdum

That ought to keep you busy for a bit


Matt Brown VS Eric Silva 

Jon Jones vs Jon Jones

You really didn't miss much.  

Watch 217 and you're good.  

Watch Conor's run from the dole to the king of the world.

Love him or hate him, it's never been done like he did, was the most amazing and fun run ever, and will most likely never be repeated in our lifetime.

Khabib mauling Michael Johnson and Edson Barboza

Closely related is the best KO in last 3 years, Matt Brown over Diego

might help if you just told him the fights without the outcomes

If you haven't, definitely watch Jones vs Gustafsson.

Aldo vs Mendes 2

Cruz vs Dillashaw