what would make the sport better?

Really would like to know what you think would make the sport better..

What would make for a better show?

What do you want to see happen with the sport?



more agression

and me

What would make it better is for fans to quit expecting fighters to never lose. The way it is now, bandwagons are hopped on quicker than a toilet with a diarrea sore butt sitting on it, soon as a fighter loses, the name calling & bashing follows. Or they suck, yada yada yada. I have always admired fans who stick with a fighter, win or lose, because of what they have done in their fights, without stoning the other fighter to death. It's almost like a loss instantly wipes every exciting moment from some peoples minds.

I don't know what would make a better show.

I want it to become known for being a respectable sport with the most highly skilled athletes. And not the misconception it already has..... I think more can be done to get actual facts out there. :)

i think your right..i really want to help make this a great sport..i promote show in the u.s. and will be doing some soon oversea's..thank you for your thought.


momita is right

do you mean like the WWF?

what do you want to see in the show to make it better?



And here is exactly what I meant shotgun.....

"Hughes was the closest thing we had, but now there's nobody."

Nobody? The welterweights are some of the most exciting weights out there. Now theres Nobody? Theres plenty of good fighters, but some of you are so hyped on only big names you can't see the talent that is out there doing the same thing in smaller shows.


you know your right thats why we are doing a show in Canton Ohio..We want to see those fighter and what they have to offer..You hit the nail on the head..


An international governing body for MMA. It could be called the International Mixed Martial Arts Assosiation. That would make MMA better.

I wish you a sell out crowd shotgun, really. Good luck!

you should come see these guy fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Better, more respectful fans. For sure.

well maybe that what we should start to put together..i have open the state of ohio and the state of washington..this a good start..